1-On-1 Advisory Sessions with a CFP Professional

Whether you need a 1 hour advisory session, detailed planning & analysis for a specific goal such as retirement, college or a home, or ongoing implementation assistance, we can help. We offer planning & advice for mortgages, budgeting and cash flow issues, 401(k), 403(b) and other retirement programs, life and disability insurance, business launch & exit planning, estate planning and more. Plus we advise on all types of securities, including mutual funds, stocks, stock options, bonds, bank deposits, variable and fixed annuities, limited partnerships and tax shelters. If you would like to learn more, please view our process. We also offer a telephone Q&A with a Certified Financial Planner™ Practitioner and a Complimentary 60 Minute Get Acquainted Session.

  • Independent means we are able to scour the whole market for any professional, product, service, or advice solution anywhere, with no financial incentive to use one over another.
  • Fee-Only means we are not compensated by anyone other than you, the client.
  • NAPFA membership means we are committed to the fee only standard of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. If good advice results in the purchase of a financial product, then we are not compensated for that recommendation.
  • As-Needed means you are in complete control of your services whether you want advice for 1-2 hours, comprehensive financial planning, or ongoing investment management.
John Vyge CFP & his family

4 Phases: You are in complete control of your services and costs.

advice on a
pressing issue

Your Financial Questions

A detailed analysis & statement of advice on a specific topic, such as a Roth IRA conversion, stock options, home purchase, or inheritance.

Typical Fee: $240/Hour

financial plans

Your Financial Health

A theme driven financial plan tailored to your stage in life such as a career transition, pre-retirement, or the sale of a business. Your plan is individually tailored using comprehensive financial analysis and time-tested financial strategies.

Typical Fee: $2,160-$3,120

flat fee
investment advice

Your Investment Portfolio

Flat fee investment advice for do-it-yourself investors who just need a second opinion. A three factor model evaluation & statement of advice on your current 401k, TSP, IRAs, & taxable investment choices. Includes specific investment choices. Implementation assistance available upon request.

Typical Fee: $480-$1,440

second opinion service


A live planning session to review the impact of a major financial or investment decision. Annual check-ups and regularly scheduled follow-ups available on an as needed basis.

Typical Fee: $480-$720